How to list skils on a resume

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Education obtained in secondary school is not worth mentioning, except for participation in projects related to the desired position. Trainings should be indicated only if they relate to the desired field of activity. Take the skills to a separate item. This is convenient because it attracts the attention of a recruiter. Skills include knowledge of programming languages, knowledge of information systems and data exchange, software, operating systems and not only. You can mention this in the story about the previous positions, but your goal is to simplify the process of finding information in the text of the summary.List only those skills that you are fully confident in, if necessary, to show them. Add a section “Other Interests Social Events”. Managers, as a rule, choose such a person who will join the team socially and professionally. This fact can also be used as an opportunity to “stand out.”

Indicate which social activities and sociocultural activities you have participated in, be it sports, performing arts, or volunteering. Less profitable will look like a hobby, involving solitude, such as collecting, reading or learning foreign languages. You may seem eccentric, but try not to look strange. Read all again. After you edit the resume, reread again just in case. Photo in the resume will always be a plus, even if the position does not involve communication with people. The photo will make the resume personalized: it will be easier to notice, and the response is more difficult to skip or delete. But you need to choose a portrait for a resume critically: an unsuccessful photo can spoil everything. Best suited professional portrait photo, business and neutral.

Some applicants specify their home address in the resume up to a specific apartment. It is enough to indicate the city or the nearest metro, for example, “Mytishchi” or “the village of Mansurovo in the Kursk region”. Desired position and salary It is not necessary to indicate the desired salary in the resume, but any employer will be happy if you do this. Universal advice in this situation: write an amount of 15–20% more than what you are earning now. This will give the opportunity to bargain without prejudice to their own interests. In more detail how to define the desirable income, we told in one of articles.

Check your expectations with the average salary of the market: look at the job, on the statistics for the region and the professional area. A salary of 40% or more will definitely discourage a recruiter. You can find out the average market salary for your city and your professional area in the HeadHunter Index. The exception is a summary of top managers. Managers’ salaries are calculated in different companies in different ways, and specific expectations can prevent you from getting a lucrative offer