How to upload resume to linkedin

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You have already started sending out your resume, but you cannot get the desired position? We suggest you use our advice. Some of them are universal, but some of the tips will be useful only in Israel. In other countries, for example, in the United States, the VJ should include ALL of the necessary information about themselves, while in Israel, the focus is on the interview. In Israel, it is believed that the summary should be short and logical. Here are some helpful tips:  Change. Do not be lazy! Carefully read the duties and change your resume so that it matches the desired position.

Indicate past positions, projects in which you participated, information about your education, or, conversely, remove unnecessary from the text. Less is better. Dozens and sometimes hundreds of resumes for each position pass through staff recruiters, and at a certain stage they begin to filter them. Your task is to create a resume that will attract attention. Descriptions should be brief: no more than one or two lines for each position or qualification.  This approach is significantly different from that adopted in the United States, but this is Israel!

Design plays a huge role! Find a sample resume on the Internet. The text should be clear and in the same style. Do not use more than two font types and more than three pins. Indicate relevant work experience. Make sure that all positions contain start and end dates (if appropriate) of the work, company name and its location. Leave only those positions that are relevant to the field of activity where you are trying to go. However, if this is your first or second position, and you do not have relevant work experience, tell us about part-time work, university practice or internship in other areas of activity.  Make sure that the description contains information related to the desired position. For example, if you were a secretary, you probably acquired organizational and time management skills, and if you are a waiter, you may be very stress-resistant, etc.

These skills apply to any job. If nothing else remains, just enter them. High school does not count. With regard to education, indicate the degree, discipline, date of graduation, the name of the educational institution and its location. You can specify the average academic score, if it is impressive. Do not forget to write, on what system was the assessment of performance (5-, 10-, 100-point). If you have participated in projects related to the desired field of activity, list them in a separate list under the appropriate degree.