How to write a resume cover letter

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Bright summary: 1. Fully reflects the goals of the applicant. Not only professional but also personal. Personal is what you get from this job. For example, I bastard when I see the result of their efforts. Therefore, in a resume writing to become a specialist. 2. The resume is inserted into a decent photo, where you are in business style. This is very important because I came across a resume in which the photos were very informal. Such people seem frivolous and unprofessional and not credible as specialists. 3. The summary describes what the person has achieved. One day, helping to find a specialist on job search sites, I came across a manager’s resume, which indicated that over the year it had increased sales by 30%. Facts are much more impressive than simple “performed duties” or “doing something”. 4. Your hobby characterizes you.

Try to indicate in the resume the hobby that is directly related to the work for which you are applying and emphasizes the necessary qualities. What qualities are necessary for working as a journalist? The ability to bring to the end, perseverance, perseverance. It is useful to write that your hobby is to write articles (for example, to run your blog). There are common beliefs about whether to mention non-work related hobbies in resumes. Some Eycharov is annoying, for others is important information about how you can reward and reward the employee. In some companies, as an incentive, for example, an employee is paid for courses of his choice.

5. A good resume is structured and neat. The chronology is not consistent, the duties in the positions you hold and achievements are clearly described. 6. A resume should create an impression of you as a self-sufficient person who loves his work. It is good when it is “tailored” for a certain vacancy, read on a fresh mind and checked by someone from your loved ones, or a specialist. Specialist (eychara) can be found on the Internet there are many forums, professional and social networks. Head Hanter has a “career consultant” subsection where you can always ask a professional a question. 7. A good resume characterizes you even better if it is sent along with a letter of motivation. 8. Please note that all contact information must be up-to-date, so that Euchar will not have to search for you on the Internet. E-mail should have a normal name, do not be lazy and get yourself a new box, if the old one is called cool_baby.

9. Look, if your skills are well described in the resume, read what skills are required for a particular job and what other people write in the resume. Maybe something will be useful to you. Specify in the summary, what trainings useful for the given work you passed. 10. Your resume should characterize you as a person with leadership qualities, who is aware of why he chose this particular education, why he wants to work in this particular position and what exactly he wants from his job.