How to write resume

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Non-standard resume The decision to make a non-standard resume will not be successful in all cases. Such an approach will be applied, for example, in creative professions for which it is permissible to depart from standards. As for “non-creative” professionals accountants, managers, lawyers it would be preferable to adhere to official standards. First of all, this is due to the fact that the specialists of such profiles must have accuracy, seriousness and mandatory execution of official instructions. Many recruitment agencies, as a rule, use a standardized form to which received summaries lead. In such cases, a non-standard resume may not bring the expected result and even harm the applicant. In addition, staff of personnel services may interpret it in the context that a person is uncommon and it may be difficult to work with him. A well-written resume should have a strict structure:

Purpose. In two or three lines indicate all the desired posts for which you are applying. Education. Indicated with dates in reverse chronological order. Labor experience (practice). Experience (practice) is indicated in the reverse chronological order, starting with the last place of work and ending with the first one. It is necessary to indicate: For a person with a large professional history, it is recommended to indicate about the last 5 jobs, so your resume will not look too overloaded. Extra skills. Here are listed those characteristics and skills that are indirectly related to your specialty, but, nevertheless, are valuable complementary to the performance of your duties. For example, if the desired job is connected with the constant movement around the city or is not limited to one single office, then it will be useful to have a private car and driver’s license. Experience with the computer and various programs will also be a big plus in our time. It will be useful to indicate the knowledge of foreign languages. If you have completed language courses, be sure to indicate this.

A good help will be if you indicate in this section as much information as possible that will be of interest to the employer. The main thing is not to overdo it, because the employer subconsciously may get the impression that he will not be able to pay for the services of such a “golden” employee. To praise yourself in a resume will be a big mistake just the facts, and the employer will draw his own conclusions. The possibility of providing recommendations. If you can be praised from a previous job, it will undoubtedly distinguish you from among the other candidates for the vacant position. In addition, for the future employer, this will be a sign that you quit your past job without any noise or scandals, without leaving a negative impression of you. Date of resume. The last point in a well-written resume will be the date of the compilation. This increases the relevance and interest in this work. Meanwhile, the old date may adversely affect and indicate that the search for work has been done for a long time and without success.