What to include in a resume

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Many people remember that the most difficult was to write the first resume. After all, the applicant has no achievements, and there is no experience. To understand exactly what you can write when trying to find a job for the first time will help sample resume without work experience. Document Compilation Rules Before you sit down to write your first resume, you need to familiarize yourself with how to write it competently. In addition, it is necessary to take into account that the former student should focus on the column on education and personal qualities. In the first resume, you can include information about courses, additional education.  You can also indicate the presence of awards, diplomas, participation in competitions, conferences. It is also a good idea to enter internships, even if they were not included in the workbook. Even pre-diploma practice and skills acquired during its passage can be indicated. In addition, it would be nice to make a competent cover letter and attach, if available, recommendations. They can be either from the head of the pre-diploma practice, or from the leadership of the organization in which you had an internship.

Highlights When writing a first resume without work experience, you need to remember a number of nuances. First of all, you should not be afraid to write about your merits and professional skills that you acquired during your internship or pre-diploma practice. Do not forget about personal qualities. Good to know: Positive traits in the resume But it does not need to fill out a summary of unnecessary information. For example, pretending to be an accountant does not necessarily tell you about the excellent end of music school. Although it is quite possible to indicate in the “hobby” section.

In addition, it is worth remembering that the employer understands perfectly well that yesterday’s student does not yet have full experience. But you can show that you are active if you provide information about acquired skills during internships and internships. If you decide to make a resume, then all information is better to indicate honestly. The recruiter can call the company you specified and find out whether you actually did practice there or simply took the documents necessary to write a diploma. note But you shouldn’t give up if during your studies you didn’t undergo an internship, and your ex-diploma practice was only to make a one-time visit to the company to make copies of the necessary documents. In this case, the emphasis can be placed on participation in conferences, competitions.

If you did not take an active part in the academic life of your school, then you can describe your personal qualities in more detail, focusing on hard work, willingness to work and quick learner. Good to know: your hobbies and resumes in the resume Even if you have no experience, do not skip the columns “professional skills” and “business skills”. They can indicate computer skills, knowledge of foreign languages, ability to talk to people. Possible examples Faced with the need to write the first document of its kind in your life, it is better to take a sample resume as a basis. This document may look like this. Objective: seeking a sales manager position in a trading company Education: Higher, Russian State University of Trade and Economics, Department of Commerce and the World Economy, specialty “Trading”.